9 months so soon

For some reason to do with security stuff, the older photos aren’t appearing on the blog, but are visible on flickr. Anyway, someone has now been out for nearly as long as she was in.

tartan - 9 months
On the plus side, she can be distracted by a rubber duck held above the camera in order to get the laying down shots.
baby human - 9 months
If you click through on that top one, you can see her top teeth for once.

Developments are mostly around increasing mobility, and puzzle-solving. She’s learnt to dismantle one wooden block toy to get the bit she wants from it, and routinely fishes iPhones out of hiding places. She does, however, still love her spoon.

horse and spoon
I found that Pegasus rocking chair horse thing in a charity shop for five whole pounds. It just needed a clean, and a new crossbar fitting.

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One Response to “9 months so soon”

  1. Lisa Says:

    oh! she’s getting so big!!! and that horse is awesome!!

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