spring is here…

…but the bike shed roof isn’t.

Here’s the photographic progress. Mid March (left) to Mid April (right). Click for notes.
mid march tidy April
Lots of things arrived and have gone in. Hebe, thyme and rudbeckia from J Parkers, lavender from B&Q. I’ve sown scabious and wallflowers, and had my red cornflower seedlings et. Lots of fencing has been painted and yet more is to be done just as soon as they get the blue paint back in stock.

Unfinished is a bike shed from gardenbuildingsdirect. It arrived a week ago last Monday and I was all set to build it last Wednesday. After six hours and only one call to the helpline, I was ready to put the roof on, make it rainproof and relax for the evening.

The roof panels were the wrong size. I’ve been waiting for the replacements agreed on Friday to show up, hoping they’d appear by this morning so I could sort things out before the first rain for 10 days was due. They didn’t. I daren’t go out and see the state of things.

I did manage to clean the oil – spilt when the evergreen was taken down – off the surface of the pond. After looking for solutions, eventually I just laid newspaper carefully over it. The oil stuck to the paper and lifted out with it. The oil hadn’t stopped the arrival of frogs in the garden (two doors down also has a pond) but I’m relieved they can use mine as well now.

Last week I noticed my acer was in bloom. It’s never done that before.

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3 Responses to “spring is here…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    oh, it’s gorgeous!! I hope your roof gets there soon!

    I can’t wait for spring here, and the ability to actually garden a little!

  2. Mags Says:

    Surely you could direct Stu to do things whilst you sit on the porch?

  3. Lisa Says:

    Oh! Maybe… though he hates to garden… he’d rather play portal or something…

    I do have to say there is something incredibly satisfying with getting your hands dirty and then seeing the result. Your back yard looks amazing.

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