where the wild things are

I’ve started to take photos from the same spot in the house, so the garden progress can be more visible.

On the left is it after the shed removal but before the guys finished working on it. And on the right is how it was last week, when I got time to start sowing seeds etc. Click on an image for additional notes.

IMG_0935 IMG_1006

I’ve also found a rare shot of the shed as was, taken in the middle of a snowy night. And this is the garden a couple of summers ago.

Amongst the remains of the shed, I found some broken roof slates. So I’ve turned thouse into markers for the areas.


I’d returned a pair of rubbish gardening gloves to the store last week and was coming back through the Sidwell St market when I spotted the plant stall had some sedum. So the refund was promptly spent and I’ve planted it in the paving cracks around the acer pot. It ought to fill the cracks, keeping other plants out, and we don’t walk much on that spot. I checked on it a few days ago and it’d started to settle in nicely.


And the plants that weren’t taken out in the Great Cull are springing back to life, with the heavily lopped apple tree producing buds and the kerria starting to bloom.


I want to plant foxgloves and alliums together in the butterfly bed. Ironically, some rogue foxglove seeds have done the job for me. Just in the wrong bed.

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3 Responses to “where the wild things are”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Looking awesome!! I need to pay attention to my garden this year… or maybe just the front flower beds. lol.

  2. Mags Says:

    The plan was to do loads last year, whilst on maternity leave. Ha.

    I’m currently painting the new fence like crazy…

  3. Lisa Says:

    yeah, leave doesn’t seem to give you much time to get things done. LOL.

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