digital garden planning

I’d hoped that, by now, you could get garden planning software that lets you view the elevation of a bed rather than the plan. But it seems most software/app developers are a bit literal minded.

I’ve a long list of butterfly attracting plants to put in the back bed, I want to get it right – or at least not badly wrong – so I wanted to see how they’d mix together in terms of height and shape. As I’ve not found any software that does that, I resorted to olioboard. This is an online app that lets you build moodboards.

More importantly, it lets you import your own images to the board, crop them, resize them and put them in layers.

butterfly bed

This is my first stab at it. The kerria at the back is pre-existing and is staying as it works like bamboo to hide things. Running clockwise from top left: phlox, scabious, aliums, foxgloves, heliotrope, lavender, hebe. And a front border of poached egg plants, growing into the paving cracks.

I suspect it’ll look gappy though – lots of things on stalks.

In terms of actual work on the garden, Big Magpie came over and helped dig two of the three beds. I say helped, I feel like she did the bulk of it and I supplied lunch and twix fingers. I still owe her some time on her garden in exchange.

The bare, turned earth is quite exciting, and I just went out and did a clear up of the untouched bed and a narrow strip by the path. I’m resisting digging over the untouched bed though as I’d lose too many small plants I love like sweet woodruff just to maybe rid myself of an annoying one.

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4 Responses to “digital garden planning”

  1. carrie Says:

    Not at all! I feel like we only just got going and then I was suddenly starving! Story of my life…

  2. Lisa Says:

    I had scabiosa in my other garden. It expanded, and creeped… Loved it though. My drumstick alium sort of moved on it’s own from one side of the garden to another, but still, was fun, and early. LOVED the lavender… tried to put some in last year, but it didn’t take. I would love to help!!! I remember weeding two years ago felt good :)

  3. Mags Says:

    Yeah, the weeding went to pot last year as I discovered it was rather hard to kneel on the ground when 7 months pregnant!

    I’ve foxgloves come up this year by accident. I had seeds that didn’t germinate so I threw the compost into a bed. Six months later: half a dozen foxglove plants!

    I love how the plants defy any attempt to manage them.

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