You have to love Yahoo. Everything they touch turns to crap. I was quite pleased that, though they bought (an online bookmark site) they left it to its own devices.

Turns out that’s because they’ve just fired the whole team and are shutting it down.

I have 1669 bookmarks saved to, complete with a tagging system. I use RSS feeds of particular tabs to feed content to this website. I’ve exported the lot and now I need a new online bookmarking service.

Here’s the spec:


  • online, accessible via Firefox and IE
  • user-defined tags
  • RSS feeds for tags as well as account
  • full backup to CSV file
  • no flash elements to the site
  • Optional

  • Firefox bookmarklet
  • comment space
  • iPhone app version

I don’t want a microblogging site like tumblr, just straightforward online bookmarking. So, any suggestions out there? Pinboard? What else?

(And they’d better not bugger up flickr. I might go and back it up in case…)

  • email
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn

4 thoughts on “ folds”

  1. Just to add, because I forgot to up there ^^ , I personally think that Google Bookmarks will be the way to go. And then everything I own will be on there and, eventually, when Google owns my soul as well, it will be easier for them to just issue the ‘kill’ command and have me carry out their orders! :)

  2. cheers, James! why do all the useable services have to die?

    It’s the radio silence on flickr that really alarms…

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