striped polkas

I lasted all of two weeks with tumblr. I found the user interface needlessly fiddly, and had two SNAFUs with the queue system. And when the aim is to publish one item a day, you really expect the queue system to work. So, I’m forgetting the design blog on tumblr.

I really enjoyed pulling things together for it, though, so it’s now available as a proper blog: striped polkas.

So if you want to get a daily dollop of design, you can subscribe to its RSS or follow striped polkas on twitter. There’s also a facebook page, if that’s your preferred way of following stuff.

Posts are scheduled to go up between 10 and 11 each morning, and I plan to only do one a day, as I know how much stuff some design blogs drop into my google reader each day and how it becomes tempting to hit ‘read all’.

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