A design for life

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I just used a Manics song as a post title. If you now have this as an earworm, I can only apologise.

I’ve had a tumblr account for ages but haven’t been able to work out what to use it for. Basic link library? I already have del.icio.us. Microblogging? Twitter. Blogging? You’re reading it.

Finally, I might have worked out how to channel one of my interests into it and it’s going to be a daily post featuring a design I like. It might be a print, or a object, or clothes. I’m planning to feature UK designers as much as possible although the first week is heavy on the etsy as a quick way to get started.

Here we go: my tumblr.

These aren’t necessarily things that fit some objective view of ‘good design’. I may have done design history at university, and have some very fat books on modernism on the shelves, but I’m actually pretty eclectic in what I like. And the tumblr will be stuff I like and that you might like as well.

If you hate craft, you may prefer to visit regretsy.

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