Monthly update

I’m taking a photo of GJ once a month so her progress, so infinitesimal to us on an everyday basis, is made visible.
Baby Human - 2 months
tartan - 2 months
There’s been a lot of changes already. Sleeping through is the best one.

You’ll notice she’s in a denim pinafore and red tights now, instead of dungarees. This is because we’ve swapped to cloth nappies in the day (with thanks to Exeter Babies).

An extra thing to think about if you want to use cloth nappies rather than disposables is that modern baby clothes aren’t designed for big bottoms. So she’s in pinafores or trousers a size up from her actual size to allow room. You’ll also need some vest extenders (I got a set from Babykind but want some with different popper sizes to fit non-standard tops).

We do not, obviously, sing Sir Mix-a-lot to her.

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2 Responses to “Monthly update”

  1. lisa Says:

    Oh! Adorable! I wasn’t brave enough to do cloth diapers with the piglet. Everone LOVES them though, and doesn’t mind the extra wash loads…

  2. Mags Says:

    I’m doing a load every two to three days. Given how much the machine is going with baby clothes, or adult clothes with baby spitup, it’s not noticeably an extra burden.

    Come winter, when I’ll need to dry them at the launderette, I might get more grumpy. But the launderette also offers a nappy service wash.

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