Monthly updates

Yesterday marked Georgina’s first month. Yes, I know. Frightening.

A design blog I follow, Making It Lovely, decided to record her first child’s first year by taking a photo of her each month in the same outfit on the same background. Here’s Eleanor’s year.

I love this idea. It recreates digitally the photographic updates that used to be sent to distant relatives in my family. So I’m doing the same for Georgina, just for the first year. That means I had to decide on an outfit and a background.

The outfit is easy: red/white striped top and dungarees. It’s a combination I love and will be a wardrobe stable. My sister has sent me a photo of my niece in the same outfit, aged 1, way back in the late ’70s. The background choice was harder. In the end I’m doing two.

‘Baby Human’ is her on an American quilt custom made by Kelly Hale. I was gobsmacked by the work and love that’s gone into the quilt and daren’t use it as a day to day item. I was also delighted that Kelly had picked colours that suit the nursery kit.

Baby Human - 1 month

‘Tartan’ is Georgina on a tartan travel rug/blanket. I found the rug about two years ago in Otto Retro and bought it instantly, despite the cost of a pristine 1960s wool blanket. It’s the exact same pattern as my own. The earliest photos of me are on my blanket, and I’ve carried it with me through bedsits, shared student houses and rented flats. Mine is worn totally through, as you might expect after nearly forty years of use, with a hole repaired with embroidery silk. I hope Georgina carries hers until it wears out too.

tartan - 1 month

I’m going to dig out a photo of me on my blanket, but it’s behind a lot of boxes in the attic at the moment.

ETA: here’s my blankie.

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4 Responses to “Monthly updates”

  1. carrie Says:

    Did you see the blog of a woman who took a pic of her baby sleeping every day, but she set up around the baby a different tableau every day, a bit like a film set? I think she was a set designer but you’ve got to admire the ability to manage the time and not just get a few extra mins of sleep herself!

  2. Lisa Says:

    oh! Mila’s Dreams! Love that site! Totally not that creative.

    Mags, she’s lovely!

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