The Headless Hors— Bird

I was watching TV. I’m doing that a lot, being unable to do much else besides read or sew while I wait for this baby to get on with it. Too long on a PC chair and I get aches.

Anyway, I was watching TV when Séba hurried in and dropped a headless bird corpse on the rug. As I’m not allowed to touch such things at the moment, I couldn’t get it off him and identify it. But it was big, brown and speckled. And headless.

The Chap chased him back outside and reported hearing crunching from the shrubbery.

Sébastian’s kill count

  • Rodents:
    Rats – 3
    Mice – 54
    Voles –12
  • Birds:
    Sparrows – 5
    Dunnocks – 1
    Robin – 1
    Ringed (or other) pigeon – 4
    Blackbird – 1
    Uncertain – 10 11
  • Other:
    Frogs – 1
    Unidentifiable remains – 3
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