I would like a hat like that

This post contains a spoiler for the Doctor Who finale, The Big Bang. If you want to look away to avoid spoilers then you can always read the Shiny Shelf post-Big Bang survival kit which contains no spoilers for it. But does waffle about pre-2005 Who a lot.

So the Doctor is back wearing a wide array of hats again. There’s the silk topper at the end, and of course:

Much has been made of the fez. The fez is indeed cool. But seeing Matt Smith in one made me think of something else entirely:
seperated at birth? Abu the monkey from Disney's Aladdin and the Doctor

I should get out more. Although not as much as whoever it was who made a rather, ahem, mature drawing of Aladdin that appeared when I did a google image search. And no, I’m not linking to that. Because it’s wrong.

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5 thoughts on “I would like a hat like that”

  1. I generally think that safesearch is for kids, grannies and losers. *Except* when searching for images of cartoon and comics characters. That is the hell that fanfic leads to.

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