Feeding the twitter bird

I’ve had to withdraw from the Exeter Twestival work. It’s just not realistic to juggle a busy day job and heartburn-induced sleeplessness with trying to run something that needs more time than you can give. The night should be great, and I’m sure it’ll raise the target amount. If you’re in Exeter on 25 March, I’d recommend it. And a friend’s band is on the bill so we may try to make it along still. Depending how wiped I am.

On the plus side, I found two handy tools whilst working there which I’m just sorting out for here. They’re both twitter tools, so stop reading if you hate it.

  • Twitterfeed is an RSS to twitter syndication tool. It lets you feed multiple sites through to one twitter account, set the frequency it checks them and add prefixes or suffixes. I remain a big fan of RSS: it really is simple and it lets you configure things how you like.

    Tip: if you use WordPress as your blogging platform, use the Extract section to set what’ll appear in the tweet. So you can add hashtags etc. Otherwise, these tools take the title and as much of the first sentence as can fit into 140 characters and your tweet can read rather brokenly.
    (If you don’t use WordPress, why not? It’s as simple or as complex as you need it to be.)

    I’ve got mine also picking up my del.icio.us feed, prefixing it with ‘bookmark’. Del.icio.us, despite its takeover by yahoo, remains my favourite online bookmark tool. Although my tag system there is in a mess…

  • My Tweeple is a tool for managing your followers/following and is a lot easier to use than the actual twitter webpage interface. It shows whether the relationship is mutual, for starters, and a mouse hover function lets you view the most recent tweets of new followers to decide whether to make it mutual. It also has an export to CSV tool, enabling you to get a spreadsheet of people at a particular time. Very handy.

I’ve a backlog of blog posts to write up from the past few weeks and will hopefully start clearing them over the coming days.

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