Curatorial urges

I don’t call them resolutions, because I’m not resolute about them. But this weekend seems like a good chance to look at things with a fresh eye and see how to make my obsessions work for me.

One thing I’m realising is that I have a curatorial urge. A twitter analysing tool, Klout, suggests I am a connector but looking at my online life I think I’m more of a curator.

I’ve 133 RSS feeds going into my google reader account. Some are checked daily, some weekly. Articles I like are saved to my account. I’ve just added the RSS from that account to feed into my twitter account (this blog already feeds twitter). and twitter can also feed my facebook account, although that’s a bit unreliable because Facebook keeps mutating. I’ve played with tumblr but I think I am a tad old skool and prefer to have just three clear and connected channels (blog, twitter,

But there’s more to my curatorial habit than just going a bit linktastic. Two RSS feeds in the reader are flickr tag searches: tate and tate modern. If I see a shot I like of the Tate Galleries in those feeds, I click through and invite the poster to add it to the Tate Galleries group. Another feed tells me of any new images posted to the group: I check that one daily as people sometimes ignore the posting rules of the place.

It’s a very magpie habit. I don’t collect obsessively (unusual in Who fandom, where remembering how many episodes a Pertwee story had is considered by some as important). I just grab stuff I like and splatter it around, thinking others might like it as well.

So, my aim this year is to be consistant. Not in terms of content – that will remain as random as ever – but in terms of setting aside some time each week to bring everything up to date. It’s likely to be Saturdays, simply as that’s also the day I read a newspaper, but don’t hold me to it.

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