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Where I am, baby, is back on my PC after a big crunch in the day job along with lots of other stuff that took me away from the internets. Well, away apart from my iPhone but I won’t join the ranks of the iPhone bores and write about that. Suffice to say, my twiiter remains violently active due to tweetie 2.

I did head over to BICS in Birmingham and, after a launch party in a club that caused everyone to slowly drift away due to the bad DJ choices, sat in a bar with the Geek Syndicate.

They managed to be together enough to run the Marvel at 70 panel the next day. Despite the side-effects of the cosmopolitans I’d had the night before, I ended up wanting to stick my hand up a few times. Noteably when Alan Davies and/or Mark Farmer were suggesting that comics were doomed in the new media landscape because the kids would rather download films. I wanted to point out that during the Golden Era comics were competing with films for the kids’ coin. I think a far more likely reason kids don’t buy comics now is something that came up later in the panel – cost. If adults with large disposable incomes have to pick and choose comics based on how many titles they can afford, the same must be even more true of someone with only a fiver a week to spend each week. Comics used to be pulp, they used to be cheaper than the cinema. Now they are not. Surely that’s a factor in their decline?

I understand my habit of attending events I can’t physically get to but can follow on twitter/livefeeds means I got a round of applause at Novelcon for getting up. The same did not happen at alikeminds, thankfully, but I really need to get my arse in gear for the next Exeter tweetup.

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