Sasha and Jueves

I’m clearing out a mountain of papers at the moment, so we have space in the house for the Chap’s papers. A-Level Communications revision? Gone! Printed drafts of other people’s Who novels? Going. Own notes? Staying.

One folder was marked “H101 junk stuff” except I opened it up to find the ‘wall’ for H101. These were the bits and pieces pinned to the attic wall throughout the writing of it so that when I stared into the distance beyond the monitor, I saw things related to the novel. I always have a ‘wall’ and have done since I was a teenager.

Two scraps that fell out were photos of John Cusack. The ones of him in Being John Malkovich – all spectacles and messy hair – are labeled ‘Jueves’. The one from Pushing Tin – clean-shaven and in a leather jacket – is labeled ‘Sasha’. I’d managed to totally forget that I did this: both that the characters were written to look like John Cusack and that I’d pinned specific photos to the wall in order to remember what each one looked like.

I’m in Florence, Italy, I’ve rented a scooter that’s parked outside, and I’m in a little restaurant eating ziti, and there are no more tables left, so they have to seat this guy with me, and it’s John Cusack!
Willow, BtVS

How could I forget John Cusack???

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