Days I remember all my life

Extraordinary how potent cheap music is…

I put a best of the Kinks album yesterday afternoon. I’m in the middle of spring cleaning the kitchen, throwing away all the stuff that is never used (those giant wine goblets are soooo late 90s – I use cute little french style ones now). The Kinks are good music for doing chores to: most of their tracks have a strong driving rhythm, although after Come Dancing they go a bit rubbish. (Like Bowie – there was clearly a FAIL by 60s/70s icons during the New Romantic era.) They’re also very much part of the tradition of British paraochial pop that I love: the Kinks, Madness, Pulp, Blur, The Divine Comedy – even at times Lily Allen and, yes, Space. Stuff dense with everyday cultural references.

What I’d forgotten, was that Days is on the collection. I love it. I love that video of them on Top of the Pops because Ray Davies is looking so mellow. I love the Kirsty McColl cover. The trouble is, it always makes me cry. I listened to it just after Moosifer’s death and have never been able to hear it again without thinking of him. So when I hear it unexpectedly, it hits me hard.

Here’s some non-upsetting Kinks:
but Terry and Julie cross over the river
I’ll leave the sun behind me (I think A may have played this at the wedding…)
oooh, my poor rheumatic back
a sunday joint of bread of honey
God save donald duck, vauderville and variety

Tangently: “I love you too, but I’m gonna mace you in the face!”

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    [...] my mother’s, and has too many associations to recount. Music is the same, of course. I wrote as much the other day. But with music it is the song that evokes the memory, not the physical object. [...]

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