A cut in Transmission

Buy early! Buy often!

Doctor Who: Short Trips: Transmissions is available half-price at the Big Finish website, as are their other Short Trips collections.   Transmissions includes my short story Gudok.

My favourite story, Gudok, is a throughly gripping thriller set in Tsarist Russia and following the dangerous trans-Siberian train journey of Tegan and Turlough as they seek to deliver a vital message. […]

Anthologies by their nature are hit and miss, and Transmissions has more of the former.

(Doctor Who Magazine No.400, October 2008)

This is very nearly perfect. Mags Halliday’s is the pre-eminent Doctor Who historical writer and […] ‘Gudok’ succeeds on every level in conjuring up the Trans-Siberian railway in the early twentieth century. Little touches […] litter and colour the text, and Halliday really nails the interation between Tegan and Turlough.”

(review at Half a Dozen Streets… – disclaimer: this reviewer edited my latest short story so may have been buttering me up)

The offer makes buying Transmissions and one other Short Trips book effectively a two-for-one deal, and is rather a bargain anyway at £7.50 a book (+ P&P).

Alternatively, you could bulk out your order with Bernice Summerfield and the Vampire Curse which includes my novella The Badblood Diaries.

Mags L. Halliday has crafted an engaging and intriguing tale. It’s engaging because of its structure as a daily series of written accounts of the professor’s participation in an archaeological expedition to the colony world of Badblood, which has only recently reopened diplomatic relations with Earth. It’s intriguing because of the colonists’ (and of course Halliday’s) unique and ingenious method of keeping “the cursed” at bay: Badblood’s cities are giant vehicles that crawl across the planet’s surface, remaining constantly in sunlight. The author convincingly explores the technological and cultural effects of this mode of existence – and the horror that ensues when the system go wrong.

(Sci-fi online review)

Get ’em while they’re hot! And, indeed, in print.

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