The Wild Wild Wood

Over the break, I was writing a story set in a West Country winter. One image I had in my head was of wild, bare trees tangling together, and I kept thinking I ought to go up to the ridgeway by my house to get some good photos. The story is done and in with an editor, and finally, yesterday, I walked up to the ridge.

It’s why I love living where I do. I’m in an urban area, all takeaways and Saturday night fights. But I can walk for ten minutes and be on the cusp of the countryside: the city sits in the Exe valley to the east, but to the west is farmland and high hills. The Exeter Green Circle is like this a lot of the way. This was up by Barley Valley Nature Reserve, about an hour before the winds started to pick up. And it’s just the sort of image I was trying to describe.

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