Two weeks of taking a daily photo is starting to make me realise how much fun this will be to keep up for a year. What with multiple hen nights, multiple weddings and all sorts of other fun just in the first twenty-six weeks of the year. I’m only 3% of the way through, and today I posted my first duplicate (a morning shot of the Cathedral to go with the night shot from last week).

Still, the fortnight has shown more variety than you might expect:

  • A merry go round in London
  • the Exe
  • a frozen hydrangea
  • some flower buds
  • coffeeeeee (back to work)
  • a pub fire
  • the street closed for repairs
  • the Cathedral
  • some out of focus trees
  • the Post Office tower lost in fog (in London – need to review Space Raoul and the Dan Dare exhibit at the Science Museum)
  • a Tube train
  • the glass/light scupltures/seats in Princesshay
  • the moon (back late from cinema – need to review The Reader)
  • a misty Cathedral

Not too shoddy for two ‘quiet’ weeks when I was mostly getting back into the day job and finishing a short story (details to be announced one of these days).

Click on the merry go round to see the 365 set.
365 set

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One Response to “365-14”

  1. alistair Says:

    I did a similar project some years ago, and yes, it was a lot of fun. I found that as the year went by it was the photos of the little things that ended up meaning the most, or being the most interesting. So when i look back at it now, it’s quite hard to remember what the photos were ‘about’, but they nevertheless spark a memory. I’m looking forward to seeing it all unfold over the year.

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