Out flew the web and floated wide

Now the majority of presents are unwrapped, I can safely write-up what I’ve been making for people this year.

Last year, the littlest birds took longer than expected and left my fingers a bit trashed from handling the dried lavender so much, so this year I tried something different but related: embroidery. Kel had sent me a link to Sublime Stitching, a site where you can get some very funky designs. I loaded up on them, got a new hoop and a stash of coloured threads along with a stash of blank bags from the clever baggers, and started work. This is Kel’s, which used patterns from Sublime Stitching. As she is a writer and is back at college, I used the sexy librarian set to create a writer/study theme.
In progress Kel's bag Typewriter tip tip tip

Having discovered my basic embroidery skills are intact (although I appear to have been the only person of my age to have been taught stitching at school), I’ve moved on and started to develop my own designs. This, based on a technical drawing of the 1949 design, is for a bug-owning member of the family:
Finished bug
There are several more designs I worked up from wireframe or technical drawings, and some that came about from sketches and which I never got time to photograph before having to send them off. I watched a lot of Merlin whilst sewing, which explains the title of this post. I’ve some blank bags left, so will get around to making some more custom designs and documenting them. There’s also one design I did document from initial sketch to final gift and that the receiver hasn’t had yet, so I’ll put that up in a few days.

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