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Clear clothes sizing campaign

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ages ago I wrote about the horrors of maternity clothes shopping if you have a, ahem, vintage figure (see What would Betty Draper wear?). And I admitted to being rather more of a Joan.

Since having a baby, I have discovered all kinds of strange things. Dresses fit much better, and for some reason I can fit in size 14s (a skirt from GAP and a dress from Laura Ashley). But then in other shops I take in lots of stuff. My favorite black – very Joan – dress is from Monsoon and is an 18. WTF? I’m fairly sure my dimensions aren’t shifting about on a daily basis.

Retrochick has noticed this too, and has started a campaign for clothes to be labeled clearly with measurements rather than the opaque mysteries of sizes. She brings together all the consumer survey stuff, and why making people who don’t have beanpole-like measurements feel bad is, you know, bad.

So I’m adding my voice. I’m 5’9″. In 2009 I was 36-30-42. I’m currently 38-34-44 (baby-weight, people, baby-weight). There is NO WAY I can be both a size 14 and size 18. Bring back labels in inches, not sizes. Make trying clothes on fun again, not a game of sizeist Russian roulette.

11 months

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Gosh, doesn’t time fly? ;)
I was very late with the 10 month photos, but here we are on 11 months already.

tartan - 11 months
baby human - 11 months

I was unconvinced about modesty pants/bloomers/pantaloons when I first discovered all little girl summer outfits come with them. What is wrong with seeing a nappy, I wondered. Then I saw GJ’s cloth-nappied bottom in a set of bloomers and laughed so hard I’ve decided I like them.

You’ll also see she’s in a red and white striped t-shirt now instead of the long sleeved top for the first 10 months. That’s mostly because she’s outgrown it. Back when I first used it, I had to roll the sleeves up three times.
tartan - 1 month

This month is all about handing things to people, or putting things inside other things.

10 months

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I’m now so late with these updates that I took the 11 months photos before I could post the 10 month ones. I’m back at work and trying to decorate GJ’s room…well, that’s my excuse. So this was a month ago.

tartan - 10 months

baby human - 10 months

We took her to a farm,
big pigs
and Bristol Comics Con where she followed my tradition there of crawling around the bar (no photo). Here she is on the HST back, which she enjoyed a lot.
another train!

I can’t really cover what new developments there were, as I can’t now remember!

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