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Bare earth policy

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I like chaotic gardens, ones that can be explored. This obviously suited my cats very well. They’re less ideal for a child. So I finally got some serious work done ready to start building a child-friendly back garden. It needs to still have a sense of exploration to it, whilst also being safer and having better lines of sight from the house.

Here’s a couple of photos of it pre-work. [click to enlarge]
when do I get offered turkish delight? After

Last year, I went halves with the neighbour to take down the ill cherry tree and fit new fences down the left side. Last week, the old shed (barely visible in the before photos because I am a master of in camera cropping) and evergreen column came out. The right hand fence was replaced, and the apple lopped. It’ll fruit a bit this year, then be much better in the future.

hard landscaping done

At the moment there’s lots more clearing out to do. The fern at the front had been growing either side of the fence. I’d ended up out in the garden in the dark, digging it out, the night before the new fence went up. There’s also a grass that appeared from nowhere and is gradually taking over the back bed. And the bare fences will be painted TARDIS blue, and the pond covered with something wildlife can still get through but curious children can’t.

It’s quite exciting to have a forced return to bare earth and the chance to build things up in a new way. I spent a whole evening looking up possible plants for the back bed. That bed is due to become a butterfly area, as GJ often seems fascinated by them. Happily, butterfly attracting plants are also often purple which is a colour I love.

Hopefully, I can keep updating here with progress.

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